The Bachelorette Season 15 spoilers: Who did Hannah send home?


    Ever since Season 15 of The Bachelorette premiered with Hannah Brown as eponymous lead, the show has picked up speed and viewership.

    Hanna Brown, the American model and interior designer, doesn’t make it easy for the contestants. With impeccable style and confidence, she has sifted through the men gradually and edges near the top five. However, there seems a person who has made it to Hannah’s bad ledger and seemingly everyone wants him out. With a villain present in every Bachelorette season who creates obstacles, this time we got Luke P.

    Hannah’s disastrous date with Luke P:

    In the previous episode, we had seen Hannah choose Luke for the one-on-one date card. But now it looks like Hannah made the worst choice here this season. The two of them kept discussing about the drama that unfolded between the men before and clearly was upsetting her even more on the date. When the conversation about the incident died, Luke once again put oil to the flame as he started defending himself; permanently ruining the date.

    At the ending of the episode, Hanna ensured Luke knew that the date was “not going well”. While this might lead Luke straight to eliminations, nothing is obviously set in stone.

    Spoilers for the upcoming episode:

    With the disastrous date experience, Hannah once again has to choose the date cards and Reality Steve reveals who gets what quite splendidly.

    One-on-one: Garrett Powell gets this lucky card and the two of them go skin-on-skin bungee jumping.

    Luke gets lucky again as he receives the group date card along with Mike, Tyler, Jed, Dylan, Dustin, and Connor. While Luke isn’t out yet, it isn’t decided and revealed who will get eliminated this Rose Ceremony.