The big bang theory finale success is not able to spoil the Mayim Bialik


    The big bang theory finale success is not able to spoil the Mayim Bialik

    Like the big bang theory, one of the most liked series has come to an end but Mayim Bialik’s prominent bang theories days are still after her. But after such a great success of the big bang theory finale actress is always finding a way to celebrate this success.

    Bialik is trying to give a treat to herself by treating her with some expensive jewellery or a fancy watch. She thanked the stores and left some credit message for the stores. She said these fancy stuff didn’t suit her. After hearing this, the salesperson asked her about her choices and what type of jewellery she wants, but somehow the options become more complicated.

    “I simultaneously felt caught off guard and under pressure,” Bialik recalled in a post on her lifestyle website, GrokNation. “I had never considered buying something expensive to commemorate the end of the show. It just wasn’t on my radar. I also felt like I had to conform to some notion of what is expected of TV stars when they finish long runs of a show. I was clueless.”

    After the ending of the historic series the big bang theory, Mayim wrote that it is a good feeling to be the part of this series and this series has changed my whole life  I let myself think about how it might be helpful to have something I could look at to remind me of the show.”

    In the ending of the season where every other cast is buying some fancy and expensive stuff. Mayim found a comprise, she did buy something for herself, but that stuff is not that much expensive. She both her self some reasonable stuff, a ring, three bracelets, and an M necklace. She bought some fancy things for loved ones.

    She admitted that before this she doesn’t know that she will feel this much hesitation or distaste will buying fancy stuff. She said that “I still feel weird about it if I’m perfectly honest,” she added that “I decided to work this muscle of kindness to myself—which isn’t my baseline. It’s a muscle I don’t flex a lot, but I do have a sense of accomplishment about trying something new while remaining true to myself.”