‘The Dead Don’t Die’ stars Selena Gomez and Bill Murray’s dating rumours!


    While Hollywood maybe known for its weird and over the top promotional strategies, word’s still going on that this might not be. Selena Gomez and Bill Murray recently sparked dating rumours and its spreading like a wildfire.

    Several snaps of them went viral where Murray was spotted whispering continuously in Selena’s ear. Though this created a heated internet discussion, Selena just added fuel to the fire.

    Posting a picture of her gorgeous self, she captioned cheekily, “By the way Bill Murray and I are getting married.” As a consequence, the rumours now don’t feel like ending.


    Gomez finally reveals what Murray was whispering:

    After a month long fiery discussion, Gomez finally allows the fans to rest. In an interview with Live With Kelly and Ryan, she was asked about those viral snaps.

    “He just says the dumbest things,” Gomez said with a laugh. “He’ll just like, ask me about like, hot dogs, and then say something else like, ‘You look nice, Gomez.’ And then he’ll kind of like, lean in again and he’ll be like, ‘Where are you from again?'”

    Gomez has many times said that she loved working with the legendary actor.

    “He’s so cool,” she shared. “I just feel like he’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met, and he’s so genuine and he’s so kind. If he were 20 years younger I would definitely …”

    This trailing off suggested Gomez’s teasing and funny attitude and confirmed that she’s just playing along with the rumours. In reality, as many time she had said, Gomez has nothing but respect for the actor and had a ‘blast’ working with him.

    While this revelation definitely quietened down the raging rumours, some fans still don’t believe it. And to be frank, it even doesn’t look like a promotional strategy. It was just something that happened and what followed a reaction wildfire.