The Death news of Eminem’s biological father Marshall Bruce Mathers III


    Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr., the father of Marshal Bruce Mathers III know as Eminem his stage name died recently due to heart attack near Fort Wayne, Indiana confirmed by his neighbors.

    Bruce Jr was 67 years old and was not in direct contact with Eminem since when he split with his mother, Debbie. Debbie and Bruce Jr married at the age of 15 and 22, respectively. They had Eminem after 2 years before they split and Bruce moved out.

    Eminem has confirmed many times that he doesn’t like his father and is not in contact with him, plus nothing concerning his father matters to him. He even came forward to speak about his biological father through his songs “My name is..” and “Cleanin ‘out my close.”

    In “Cleanin’ Out My Closet” … Em rapped, “My fa***t father must’ve had his panties up in a bunch ‘Cause he split, I wonder if he even kissed me goodbye. No, I don’t, on second thought, I just f**kin’ wished he would die. I look at Hailie, and I couldn’t picture leavin’ her side.

    Since he always said that his father abandoned him, once he said openly in an interview about writing letters to his father when he was young, but the letters ever came back written: “back to the sender.”

    In 2001, Bruce III published a letter to Eminem, writing how Debbie Eminem’s birth mother always kept them away and never let them contact each other.
    In 2018, Eminem confirmed that he never tried to reconcile with his father as there is no space for him in his heart.

    Eminem, today is the best rapper all over the world. The 46-year-old rapper has not yet confirmed the death of Marshall Bruce Mather III, but as per the sources, the news is confirmed.

    Now the question is, will Eminem go for the funeral to show his gratitude or will he choose to neglect everything as he always did with the things concerning with his father?