The downfall of Battlefield V? Lets Deal with it Now!!!


    Battlefield V is the first person- shooter video game which was released worldwide in 2002. The Swedish creator of this game, EA DICE released this on the 20th of November 2018.


    •  “Tides of war,” “Firestorm” which was recently released in 2019, “The grand operations” and finally the last battle which is the ” Final Stand” are the new multiplayer modes.
    • Can be played by 64 players in 16 groups.
    • Single player war stories are available.
    • Another mode called the combined mode is also present, which allows four members of the team to be a part of a dynamic mission.
    • Consists of the biggest map the company has created to date.


    With the release of the new version of the battlefield, the fans were up at arms because of inaccurate history the portrayal of women in the game. To this, the executive producer of the show tweeted that ” always put fun over authentic.”

    The portrayal of women in the British era has been discussed by one of the sources stating that there were women during that era, but then the fire came to an end regarding the matter.

    the executive producer of the show tweeted that ” always put fun over authentic”.

    The critics have also given mixed opinions about the game. The game has excellent gameplay, but, it is disappointing in terms of content and innovation.

    The game made 7.5 million copies, a million less than what the company had expected. This was the effect of bad marketing and bad strategy.


    The trailer of Battlefield 5 is engaging and exciting, and the soundtrack is just incredible.

    The game has been nominated for a gazillion awards in 2019 like the DICE Awards, SXSW Awards, 2019 G.A.N.G Awards, 15th British Academy awards and so on.