The Flash season 6: You Need To Know About Everything!


    Done binge-watching season 5? Waiting for what’s up next? Well, I’m happy to not disappoint you then. Reports say that your wait is almost going to come to an end this fall! Seeing how it is ironic enough already to wish for “The Flash” out of all shows to hurry up, season 6 is finally reported to premiere late this year. Let’s answer the top questions that come to your mind thinking of the season 6 release.
    The Flash Season 6When? – The Release date
    The Flash season 6 is expected to premiere late this year, 2019. History points to the first Tuesday after New York Comic Con, this year. Although we do not have any official confirmation, the approximate date lies around the 11th of October 2019.

    How? – The Plot
    Since we do not have any official declaration or confirmation of our hypothetical theories, all we can do is speculate on what might happen on this upcoming season 6. According to how the season 5 ended, we can safely assume a few theories though. Season 6 will most likely see a dilemma for Barry between being a good father to Nora or doing his responsibilities as The Flash.

    The complex familial issues involving Barry, Nora and Iris will take up most of the episodes along with the fight with Cicada, who is probably going to pose a highly dangerous threat to Central City and metahumans. Aside from these, we do not have any more leads so far.

    Who? – The Cast
    We obviously Grant Gustin to return as Barry Allen/The Flash for obvious reasons, like there being no Flash around. Iris West (played by Candice Patton), Caitlin Snow (played by Danielle Panabaker), Cisco Ramon (played by Carlos Valdes), Joe West (played by Jesse L. Martin) are all expected to return too seeing how without them the show will have major downfalls in the plot.

    Of course, new characters are naturally expected. American Pie’s star Chris Klein will play the lead villain, Cicada, the leader of the dangerous Cicada cult whose sole mission is to eliminate metahumans. The remaining cast details are still kept behind the veil.

    The biggest change with season 6 is the change of the showrunner. Todd Helbing who was “beloved by the cast and crew for his exceptional talent and vision and wonderful attitude” according to executive producer Greg Berlanti, stepped down from the position of the sole showrunner to reportedly focus on development. Eric Wallace, who has been with the team as an executive producer since season 4 will take over the role.

    We do need to wait for further updates, hopefully not long!