The Hills Gets Relaunched: A Huge Wave Of Nostalgia Hits Everyone


    MTV is going to relaunch their acclaimed show “The Hills,” and the fans are getting excited about this. This got confirmed last year on MTV VMA when a teaser trailer dropped. This made every feel like a teenager once again.

    The Hills: New Beginning 

    The Hills: New Beginning will start premiering from 24 June on MTV. The official trailer has been dropped and has brought back a massive wave of nostalgia. After the announcement, some actors also started tweeting to the state where they stand with this relaunch.

    Cast Alert!

    Stephanie Pratt broke the silence as she did the voiceover of the teaser. Audrina Partridge was a real drama queen. Her drama centered around her relationship with Justin Bobby. Audrina’s famous ex is also joining the cast line up, but it’s highly unlikely that they’ll be back together. The show would feel incomplete without the main stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. Heidi’s feelings of loving him or hating him were the one who destroyed her relationship with Lauren. Broody and Whitney Port will be coming back but don’t just expect a comeback after all it is a new beginning.

    What’s New?

    The show will include the new generation, aka the adorable babies. Mischa Barton is the one so far that has confirmed to be the new one in the show. Kaitlynn Carter since married to Broody she will also be appearing in the show.

    The trailer also had the remix of the original song and fans dig the new one. The twists in season 1 kept the story good and even after all these years, fans have not forgotten about the show. The Hills reboot is sure to hit the fans with more than they expect. It looks like the drama level will reach some new heights this time.