The Last of Us 2 Naughty dog will confirm release date at E3


    After delivering a masterpiece, The last of Us Naughty dog is all set to drop another masterpiece. Yes, you heard it right naughty dog is all set to reveal The Last of Us Part 2 really soon at E3 2019. As the production of the second part is wrapped it we can expect that the release date is on the way.

    The story of second part counties with the ending of The Last of Us 1. In this part 2, we can experience a lot more energetic and angrier Ellie. With E3 2019 Naughty dog is ready to deliver a more beautiful and stark tale which will have a whole package of entertainment, excitement and thrill.

     When is The Last of Us is coming?

    The important question the fans have right now is when is the last of Us is coming. As Naughty dog has wrapped up the filming of the second part and the role of Joel and Ellie is completed so we can expect that the release date of the second part is on the way. If we look at the reports we will find that the release of the second part is quite possible in October 2019.

    What is the last of us 2 is about?

    Naughty Dog has given a small hint to all the fans that what about it is going to be. they revealed that the second part will take off from where the 1st part has left. The 19-year-old angry Ellie is going to be the main character of the game. We can see Joel coming back to help the ageing Ellie. The suspense about the story is that the Ellie look more angry about something but we don’t know what is it.

    When you watch the reveal trailer of the last of us 2, you see Ellie is playing the guitar at the beginning slathered in blood amongst a pile of corpses. After finishing her song she says to Joel: “I’m going to kill every last one of them.” We’ve no idea who Ellie is so pissed at, but its clear anger will act as a core theme in The Last of Us Part 2.