The Last of Us Part 2 May Not Release at E3 2019, 2020 Release Date Rumored


    Seeing how you are at the crest of excitement in waiting for the sequel to The Last Of Us, here’s something to quench your thirst.

    Saying that The Last Of Us 2 would have a starkly beautiful plot would probably be an understatement. Joel and Ellie made us laugh, cry, love, hate, and express various other emotions all in the span of the game. This sequel is rumored to see an older and angrier Ellie and the same old chemistry and charm.

    Since the time that we first had news on the beginning of sequel development in 2014, years have passed without the fans witnessing a release. Despite posting of new teasers, players are growing older without hearing any official word on The Last Of Us: Part 2 release. Here’s what we know so far!

    The Last Of Us: Part 2 When can I play?

    With this question being one with the most awaited answer, Naughty Dog decided to show some mercy on us. He confirmed that the set for the sequel is almost wrapped and will soon be out for a release. Earlier, it was rumored to be released in late 2019, i.e. this year.

    However, due to some unknown reasons, it is pushed back to the early months of next year. As of late May 2019, the year 2020 will possibly see the release of The Last Of Us: Part 2 according to what our trusted reports say. This release will possibly be exclusively for Sony PlayStation 4 and PS 5.

    The Last Of Us: Part 2How is the Plot?

    Assuming you are already familiar with The Last Of Us, let’s skip on the obvious details. The Last Of Us: Part 2 will take place after 5 years from the prequel. The safe haven community called Jackson county in Wyoming which they have reached at the end of the first game is where they live at the starting of the game.

    How the game goes from there is what you will have to see for yourself. Game director Neil Druckmann confirmed that a large part of the game is set in Seattle, which is a first.

    What is the Cast?

    Joel(Troy Baker) and Ellie(Ashley Johnson) happen to be the main cast. Other supporting characters include Yara(Victoria Grace), Lev(Ian Alexander), Emily(Emilie Swallow) among others. Voice actress Laura Bailey who also happen to be in the game still remains a mystery. Logic and Travis Willingham are also reported to be a part of the cast.

    Now, I’ll just let you resume your pre-ordering of The Last Of Us: Part 2.