The Little Mermaid shooting will begin soon, Zendaya’s new Red Hair may Confirm this


    We all know Zendaya I mean who doesn’t, she first started in a Disney’s show shake it up. .She was selected for Spiderman homecoming in 2017. Recently she shocked everyone when she went on the carpet with her new dyed red hair. Immediately as expected, she grabbed everyone’s attention.


    Who are we to say anything about the actress decision with her hair but we all can agree that she looks pretty to the utmost degree in those hairs. Zendaya’s red hair could be holding many secrets, but as we know, nothing hides in the industry. It is rumored that she could be officially taking over the persona of Mary Jane. Zendaya will play as Michelle is far from home and will the love interest of Peter.Zendaya as The Little Mermaid

    There is no end towards the rumor in Hollywood, and after Zendaya’s red hair, another one has come up which is quite peculiar. The movie you ask is The Little Mermaid. Zendaya looks like a cute mermaid in real life, and now when she is doing it on screen is nothing less than a dream. She has addressed the rumors about the movie and has given fans slight happiness. 


    Since Spiderman Far from Home shooting has ended, it could mean that she will be in The Little Mermaid. Responding to the rumors Zendaya has said that “we’ll see” she added ” she was obsessed with Ariel in childhood.” I mean, who was not Zendaya. Casting Zendaya makes perfect sense for Disney which has been searching for Ariel.

    No matter if those red hairs are for Spiderman or the little mermaid. Fans are gushing over both of them like anything. Zendaya’s red hair gets a thumb up from everyone.