The Love Triangle is Reversed ! Bradley cooper and Irina Shayk have officially split up


    Bradley cooper and Irina Shayk have officially split up. Irina holds Gaga as the source of their woes. Many attempts were made to make it work but Bradley’s absence had made it difficult. Bradley is currently dating Lady Gaga. however. he was also seen attending the birthday of Irina at her place. The couple is taking care of their daughter.

    The split between Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk: Explained


    In the Oscars, recently, Bradley Cooper was spotted with Lady Gaga. Their relationship was confirmed in the newspapers. In an interview after the Oscar, Gaga had placed her success to Bradley’s credit, holding him in high esteem. She praised him for being there by her side. Gaga had also thanked Cooper for loving her and saving her form the traumas of her from her previous relationships. This union had confirmed the world about Cooper’s split up with Irina.

    Nothing serious was heard about their relationship. They have been dating since 2015. This was very shortly after their break-ups with their ex-partners. They seemed to be compatible with each other. However, the couple was once spotted in Masa where they were out for dinner. It was reported that Irina looked morose. Soon after this report, it was heard that there are rocky patches in their relationship and was impending a split.

    The Surmised Intervention of Lady Gaga


    Going by the words of Irina, the split occurred when Gaga came in to the picture. It was also speculated by the general mass that Bradley was seen going out with Gaga and eventually Bradley had split up with Irina. Soon, during the Oscars, people were hinted with the nature of their relationship and shortly, afterwards, their union was confirmed. the split between Cooper and Shayk was also confirmed by the reports. according to Irina, Cooper’s constant absence made her miserable to continue with his relationship.

    A short Update

    Shortly, after his split with Irina, Cooper was seen attending her birthday but that was only a friendly gesture and no consideration to get back together. However, Irina and Cooper, both are looking after their daughter together.