The New GAME OF THRONES – “Watch Dogs Legion”


    Watch Dogs Legion, the favorite game of all is coming back on March 6, 2020. This exciting addition to the game series is going to be worth waiting for.

    Not for the faint hearts-

    • The new version of the game after Watch Dogs 2 is indeed an ambitious project. It takes a whole new look of the world where people see things in a completely new manner altogether.
    • The third game in the series is not only exciting but also involves new styles and techniques. Although the game is set in post-Brexit London, the fans can be assured that it does not have an iota of politics in it.
    • The show is considered as a substantial social change according to the creative director Clint Hocking. The new look of the city is quite familiar with the interesting outputs of dotted streets and drones were seen in the sky. The third series in the game has been unveiled in Ubisoft’s E3 keynote.

    The player can rule the world-

    • Watch Dogs Legion allows its players to control the world with thousands of characters of their own choice as there is no presence of the main character in the new version of the game. Players can create a team of their preference of 20 members, and each of the members will have their style and uniqueness. This new feature of multiple characters enables to destroy the tyrannical system eventually. Everyone becomes an efficient recruiter of the popular DeadSec. Players can even select an assassin who is retired.


    The new game with a new technique-

    • This new technique allows DeadSec to attain their freedom from the claws of the government. The multiplicity of the character ensures the usefulness of their versatile characters, which is a benefit for the game.

    Surprise alert-

    • Hocking claimed that the new game is going to throw a challenge to the players. The game also has in store for the players a series of surprises.  The uniqueness of the game lies in the fact that it is a perfect fusion of reality and fantasy. The creators of the show subtly provide a picture of the real world in a fantastical world which is one of the reasons for the show’s popularity.