‘The Outer Worlds’a sci-fi RPG shooter game is Set For A Release Date!


    The upcoming sci-fi RPG shooter game, The Outer Worlds is set and ready for a release date that was just announced recently! Developed by one of our favorites, Obsidian, the game is to be released only three months away and that is October 25.

    Obsidian Entertainment, known for developing gems of games such as Fallout: New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity is ready to rock this year’s E3 with its mind-blowing, thriller shooter game, The Outer Worlds. When the first trailer for The Outer Worlds dropped last year during the Game Awards, and what followed was complete awe and excitement for the game’s release.

    Though not much is known apart from its release date and a few interesting details, we expect much more to release during this E3. Makers and developers, according to some sources, will release much more than just a few details and are also expected to release actual game footage.

    What do we know?

    The exciting Flaws System is part of this gameplay, and we know something about how it works. What happens is that the Flaws System essentially tracks your interactions, tendencies, and errors in-game and keeps a helpful note about it.

    Then, for instance, you might get trapped in the Flaw such as Claustrophobia if you keep debuffing your character. This Flaw will make it difficult for you to play in small areas. Another flaw, as reported by GameSpot, is “robophobia,” which is precisely what it sounds like: fear of robots. This Flaw makes it harder to deal with automatons.

    The gameplay and the released features sound very electrifying, and this sci-fi game will make you double think about its genre honestly; of what extent one could do to make a sci-fi game this interesting and exhilarating.


    Where will the game be releasing?

    The Outer Worlds is set to release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For the rest of digital platforms, unfortunately, it’ll be 12 months later.

    This year’s E3 will bring more information than what we think hopefully, and we’re all waiting for it.