The Real Housewives Of New York City? What is it to us?


    The Real Housewives Of New York is a show that follows the life of incredibly fast and ambitious women. The shows how these women balance their calendars, challenging carrier, and motherhood. The hustle is hard is this big city. The show focuses on the life of five housewives Luann de Lesseps, Ramona Singer, Jill Zarin, Bethenny Frankel.


    The shows feature five moms who belong to the robust set of New York. They are ambitious and driven women who shoe everyone what it takes to be in the wealthy section of the society. Ramona Singer starts getting ready for her trip to Hampton. While her daughter starts questioning her fashion choices. Singer catches her husband flirting after a fashion show. Singer encourages her daughter’s endeavors into acting by taking her to an agency.


    Luann de Lesseps takes her family to Hampton, where she and Zarin bonds over their teenage daughter(thinking typical, not so much). Luann teaches Frankel about class and etiquette while she continues to work on her carrier. Frankel has thoughts about settling with her boyfriend but doubts as he already has three children too.

    Jill supports her daughter’s decision to improve her health by going to a detox clinic. At the end of the summer, Ramona and Jill duke a tennis match, but the sportsmanship is not friendly. The tension between these two increases when Singer is in the front seat while Zarin isn’t. Alex Mc Cord and her husband go against the grain, after deeming vacationing in the Hampton as “too much work.”

    The show certainly takes the audience towards the high side of society. The portrayal of characters is done in an extravagant manner. The show displays the cost of hustle while keeping the audience well entertained. It is filled with humorous instances; jealousy, the narration between the characters surely keeps the show interesting.