The real reason why Game of Thrones star Kit Harington went to rehab that he is not telling us


    Game of Thrones superstar Kit Harington has returned home to London after successfully completing rehab over in the United States.

    The actor had been reported to have checked into a rehabilitation center back in May this year after a spokesperson for the 32-year-old noted that Harington would be optimizing his time away from work after the conclusion of Game of Thrones’ last season to seek professional guidance for personal issues relating to stress and resultant alcohol abuse.

    Credit: Prive-Swiss

    Harington quietly enlisted himself with a luxury wellness center named Prive-Swiss in Connecticut after production concluded on HBO’s flagship program, at a reported cost of $120,000-a-month for various cognitive and behavioral forms of therapy.

    The actor’s emotional struggles in regards to the show coming to an end are no secret to fans. In the press run for season eight, Harington talked about he broke down on multiple occasions while shooting for the show that had catapulted him to fame back in 2011, saying that taking off his costume one last time felt like he was ‘being skinned.’


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    Harington has been similarly vocal about his mental health in the past, having explained last year that he felt the intense weight of his responsibility on his shoulder due the limelight his character Jon Snow’s resurrection saga attracted, and how it made his involvement in the show the center of attention more than ever before.

    Credit: HBO

    Of course, given the tumult, Harington is yet to take on new roles and seek greener pastures, though mentioning that a turn away from the dark and melancholic tone that he has become accustomed to while being part of the fantasy-drama, perhaps through comedy, would certainly pique his interest.

    The final season of Game of Thrones can be streamed on Hotstar.