The Rock & Jason Stathan’s pair in Hobbs and Shaw will shatter box office records


    A fast and furious spin-off is going to release in 2019. It is going to a full package of entertainment to the fans as we are going to experience the alliance of Hobbs and Shaws fighting against the “legit badass” Idris Elba himself.

    The fast and furious series is one of the best series that Hollywood ever had and they had never failed to deliver a blockbuster piece to the fans and now they are all ready to deliver a spin-off “Hobbs and Shaws” in which are going to experience Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Jason Statham together in an alliance fighting to the legit enemy Idris Elba . This spin-off will hit the Cinemas in 2019 in the UK and on the same date it is released in America on the same date.

    Other than Hobbs and Shaws there is another star who is going to join the cast of this spin-off is the Crown star Vanessa Kirby who is playing the role of Shaw’s sister and will be swapping tiaras for assault weaponry. Helen Mirren is also joining the cast she is playing the role of Deckard and Hattie’s mother, Magdalene Shaw. other than this the star from Deadpool 2 Eddie Marsan is also joined the cast another than these stars there is also a star who is going to join the cast is The Rock’s bulldog and he is playing the role of Hobbs dog.

    What is the Hobbs and Shaws all about?

    The sworn enemies whom we have seen in Fast and furious 7 are coming together in an alliance to fight the enemies yes you heard it right Hobbs and Shaws are coming together to fight cyber-genetically enhanced anarchist” Brixton who gains control of an “insidious bio-threat that could alter humanity forever.

    “There’s obviously some of the DNA of the Fast universe,” Leitch told the media. “But what we really want to do is create something fresh and different for these characters, and dive into their world.”