The Secret Life of the Pets 2: Everything we know so far


    The secret life of pets was a big hit which hit the screens in 2016. Then soon after its hit, there was a  contract and an announcement for its second part. The writers of this movie were Brian Lynch and were directed by Chris Renaud. The same team.

    Louis c.k, who acted the role of max, announced that he would not be a part of the team as max in the second part. In 2018 it was said that Patton Oswalt would replace him as max.

    The Secret Life of the Pets 2

    The second part of the movie will be released on the 7th of June 2019, which is produced by illumination and is directed by Chris Renaud. As the role of max has been changed others roles by actors Hart, Stonestreet, slate, and Kemper will be repeated. The previous release date for the movie was said to be on July 13, 2018, and then on July 3, 2019. Then the final date was set to be 7 June 2019.

    The first trailer was released on 11th April 2019 and the second was released on May 16, 2019. This film will be released alongside the movie Dark Phoenix in American states and Canada, which is said to have a huge impact on the movies box office. This movie is estimated to gain $60 million from 4500 theaters.

    The Secret Life of the Pets 2

    Having a brief about the story, it is seen that, max faces major changes after his owner gets married and has a child now, and with time he becomes overprotective. On a family trip to the countryside, the sad max meets a dog named Rooster and both attempt to overcome his fears.

    Meanwhile, gadget tries to rescue his favorite toy from a cat-packed apartment and snowball sets a mission to free a white tiger from the zoo.

    With an interesting storyline, it will be interesting to see what part 2 has on its way.