The Society on Netflix: All You Need To Know About The New YA Drama


    The 10 episodes of The Society dropped down on Netflix this May, and what followed after watching the finale can only be described as an inquisitive fire growing inside you as you keep on asking some questions repeatedly.

    Ever since the release of House of Cards as Netflix’s originals way back in 2013, Netflix has been tremendously successful in releasing some of the phenomenal originals on its streaming site. The Society follows the story of a bunch of teenagers who are mysteriously transported to their hometown (which is not precisely their hometown but a replica in an alternate universe) where seemingly all adults are missing and deals with them struggling to survive and grow up.

    Perceiving it this way, the plot of The Society thickens as we move forward and offers deep constitutionality which we observe in our daily life. Throwing in a group of young teenagers to sustain on their own makes them grow up fast, and in The Society, we see what the ramifications are.

    The protagonists, Cassandra and Allie, are sisters, but their social statuses are quite different. Cassandra (played by Rachel Keller) is the wealthy town’s know-it-all whereas her sister Allie likes to follow her and is a loyal second to her. Together with their friend Will they form a strong trio and have connections with the town’s higher class people or more like teens such as Harry.

    When a strange ‘smell plagues the town of West Ham,’ the adults decide to send the 16 and over kids to go camping while they get rid of the smell. But strangely, the buses carrying the teens bring them back home, which is not precisely their¬†home.

    The adults are missing, and without any form of governance, everything is up for grabs with their nonsensical judgments, and here now comes the havoc that The Society deals with. Without a clue how to sustain, these bunch of teenagers tries to segregate themselves into functioning groups and form a working society. But along with its work, comes power.

    While the show is still relatively new, Netflix decides on the performance of the show in its initial days to determine its continuation or not. There are a lot of unanswered questions after the season finale and will surely make you go wild and funny with theorizing.