The Society: Season 2, All Information Confirmed by Netflix ? Know Everything


    For those who have no idea about it, ‘The Society’ is an American mystery young adult web television series for Netflix. Its final episode left the audience impatient for its second season, but they might have to wait.

    Christopher Keyser creates it, and all its episodes premiered on Netflix on May 10, 2019. It left the audience wanting for more as the show has to cover much ground. It did not reveal its mysteries, so ultimately the audience wants its comeback for its second season.

    There are many mysteries which need to answer such as the disappearance of the teenage form the town and how they were transported to an alternate reality. There will be certain other things in the store for us.

    The Society: Season 2, All Information Confirmed by Netflix ? Know Everything

    In the final part of the last episode, we get a glimpse of the real West Ham, which is as it is but without all those teenagers of the town. This certainly creates a new avenue for the story to go on.

    Till now Netflix has not confirmed it for the upcoming season as it is waiting for the reaction of the audience about the first season. The big-guns of Netflix will decide the show’s fate if they see a positive sign that the show is a success. So it can take a month for confirmation. Hence it’s about time.

    If the confirmation happens within a couple of weeks, then the show will return most possibly on May 2020 or it can take some more time. In case you have not watched this fantastic dystopian series then we recommend you WATCH IT.