The split gets confirmed: Jenner to call it off with Travis


    Kylie and Travis plan to split. She is not sure about this relationship or about continuing life with Travis. She wants to experience men and other relationships in order to determine her relationship status with Travis. However, they both are continuing to parent their daughter Stormi.

    Will the Split between Travis and Kylie take place?

    There were rumours about Kylie and Travis’ relationship. The rumours were confirmed with their engagement. They have not been married but engaged and have been blessed with a daughter. Unfortunately enough and to the world’s disappointment, their relationship is incurring a rocky patch. It is said that Kylie has made a decision of walking out on Travis. It is probable that they would not be walking down the aisle.Initially, Travis was blamed for calling his engagement off with Kylie but things were sorted then it seemed. They were even being responsible and loving parents to their daughter Stormi.  The former accusations had compelled the rapper to wipe out his account on Instagram. The accusations now has turned towards Kylie for alleging a break up with Travis.

    It has been reported lately that their relationship has become uneven. Kylie has not shown any surety regarding becoming Mrs. Astroworld. Jenner said that she isn’t sure about continuing her life with Travis. She says that Travis has certainly not made her feel the way a women should be treated or be felt like. Kylie is undergoing perplexion regarding Travis’ seriousness with her. Kylie now wants to experience men in order to determine that Travis stands out as the right one for her.

    What  do the fans expect?

    There is nothing much known about the reaction or opinions of fans over such matters. However, it is really hoped that they unite again as they have been going good as a couple.