The Walking Dead: The Final Season, What We Know So Far?


    It is an adventure graphic game developed by Telltale Games and later Skybound Games. The game is the fourth and the final part in The Walking Dead video game series.

    Based on Robert Kirkman’s comic which goes by the same name, The Final Season has 4 episodes. Here the protagonist is Clementine who has to survive a zombie apocalypse. Developers tried to bring back the theme of the first season in it. In the game, a decision made by the player will affect future episodes.

    The Walking Dead: The Final Season

    The game can also use previous games from The Walking Dead to give a player’s choice in the episode. Players who have not played or not intend to play the previous seasons can alter the story by using a web-based Story Builder tool.

    It is a solo player game in which the protagonist has to collect items and initiate conversation between nonplayer characters in order to gather more information and to survive the apocalypse.

    The Walking Dead: The Final Season

    The very first episode of The Final Season was released in August 2018, titled ‘Done Running’. Other episodes in the series were ‘Suffer the Children’, ‘Broken Toys’ and finally ‘Take us Back’. The final episode was released in March, this year.

    This game received positive reviews from the players as well as critics for its avatars, visuals, and gameplay. The game is considered to be improved from its predecessor in the series.

    If you have not played this fantastic breathtaking game, then we recommend you to go for it. Enjoy.