Theres always time to spend together. Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner tied the knot again in ‘Wild West’ theme


    Having and celebrating your special occasion like marriage once in a lifetime, (yeah you do one time with a perfect soul-mate) is something remarkable. But celebrating amazingly with your same beloved for another time, only a few can do! And American model, 26, Karlie Elizabeth Kloss and businessman, 34, Joshua Kushner tied the knot again.

    The deuce accepted each other as husband and wife back in October 2018. This is June 2019, and the guys literally celebrated their second wedding this weekend in Wyoming. The wedding theme was Wild West, something that sounds with the actual place they are in. And looking the number of guests this time, it was way more than last time around. Let’s say the couple and guest all completely went ‘Yeehaw.’

    There’s no reason why the couple again said ‘I do’ but yeah spending weekend dancing, wearing cowboys hat, horseback riding, and drinking tequila would make you do so anyway. The couples good and close buddies including Diane von Furstenberg, Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and Garage magazine founder Dasha Zhukova joined the Wild West Adventure.

    The wild west party also seemed to attract Ivanka Trump (you know who she is!) Ivanka who married Joshua’s brother Jared might have attended the second wedding. Well there’s no any official news about Ivanka joining the party, but her latest post that features grassland and landscape like in Wyoming might hint she have attended.

    The other lovebirds are Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry. Bloom posted a romantic picture of him and Katy staring their beautiful eyes each other. Aw! how adorable!

    There are plenty of videos, photos, and Instagram Stories that surfaced through various people who were there and even from the guys themselves and believe me they are damn cute and splendid.