Things to Know About Rockstars Games’ GTA 6 Before It Officially 2021


    Last game in the series GTA 5, got launched in 2013 on the aging PS3 and Xbox 360. Although it might sound impossible, Rockstar made it possible and brought it to PS4 and Xbox One.

    Likewise, it has always been, Twitter and Reddit which are counted Britain some of the most common sources for GTA 6 release date rumors.

    The year 2020 is going to be the hottest in the whole gaming history because GTA 6 is going to release its first teasers and trailers at E3 2020 along with some other official information. Both Sony and Microsoft would also make their next generation consoles official in 2020. PS6 and a new Xbox will be the viable platforms for launching GTA 6 officially by 2021.

    Things to Know About GTA 6 Before It Officially 2021 and More

    Some confirmed rumors say that GTA 6 will be having a female lead. Although the series never focused on having a woman joining a gangster squad and shooting the hell out of everyone, throughout. The game always catered to the testosterone-filled men who loved running over hookers in their car and banging girls using the hot coffee mod. Bringing a female lead would introduce a whole concept in the game.

    The girl is most probably expected to become a part of the gang, earn money, and have her storyline.  She may also lead to lots of different kinds of missions because of the gender change. A lot more people would be introduced later in the storyline.  

    Following the recent announcements made by Google and Microsoft, GTA 6 is going to be one of the many AAA titles that eventually will benefit multi-platform gameplay through streaming.