This is how Black Mirror Season 5 will be the best season of Black Mirror yet


    The 2013’s MTV artist of the year has been getting lots of fans attention recently. She is going to drop her new album and filming for Netflix’s tech-obsessed series Black Mirror. All her fans are thrilled hearing this awesome news. To heighten their joy, she posted a picture on Instagram that includes #SheisComing with a number 5/30. This number is nothing but the date of May 30. This clearly means something right?

    Maybe her new series is coming, but Netflix officially confirmed for June 5. So, this could possibly mean she is dropping a new music video.

    This is how Black Mirror Season 5 will be the best season of Black Mirror yet

    Also, a question arises what the heck is she doing in Black Mirror. Black Mirror is a science fiction anthology series originally streaming on Netflix. The series is coming back for a 5th season with only 3 episodes. The series that depicts what happens when technology goes awry is purely astonishing.

    Everyone praises the storyline and performances of actors in the show. So in this 5th season, Miley is getting a meta-story. In the trailer we witness her being a famous performer particularly trying to go on stage against 20ooo fans. But things don’t look good.

    The show also features the actors like Anthony Mackie, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Topher Grace, etc. The show is returning back to original narrative storytelling and we think we have deduced Miley’s role. She is portraying a famous star who undergoes certain transformation (obviously through some sort of sci-fi things) to attract a number of fans.

    There is also one interesting thing about the Black Mirror’s Season 5. And the thing is what Charlie Brooker said about it. In a statement, Charlie Brooker, who is the creator of Black Mirror said despite this season is only 3 episodes long, this is going to be the best season of Black Mirror so far.

    This is interesting because even though the Season 4 of Black Mirror was well received 2018’s Bandersnatch had mixed review from both viewers and critics alike. So it looks like Black Mirror is going to get its title crown back with its Season 5.

    You can check out the premiere of Black Mirror Season 5 on Netflix on June 5.