This October jam up for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint


    A brief Approach

    Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: breakpoint is a new version of the previous online video game, namely ghost recon: wildlands, launched by Ubisoft Paris in 2017. The latest version is back with changes based on feedbacks and is delivering a better gaming experience.

    New version new base

    In the press conference and the trailer, it depicts how Breakpoint is set in a fictional island Aurora a land having barren lands and cities, and a team of specialists called Nomad stand against the opponent of former brothers led by Cole D Walker said to be the deadliest enemy for the game. Houses of the Skell Technology Corporation is present on the island. Being sequel to the Wildlands the game has some exciting features.

    • What’s exciting about it?

    Now the fundamental question in anyone’s mind would be what’s so exciting about it. Well, as mentioned, it has some features which are improved or introduced on the gaming platform.


    • A better grip on vehicles- unlike Wildlands, in breakpoint the handling of vehicles is now super smooth, and fun plus on a bonus note some new vehicles have also been added.
    • The graphics are now quite improving, giving a feeling of a more realistic version creating an exciting environment. And so much more

    Let’s talk about Survival now :

    Ghost Recon: Break video game is not only about survival unlike games others it has reviving features like extra food, energy, and the nomads can also trade among for guns and have variety in performance.

    To end with:

    All these including much more spice the new version Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: breakpoint and it is going on to release on October 4, 2019, for PC, PS4 on Xbox one. The fans of the genre: tactical shooter will love this entry in the online video gaming world with advanced controls and others.