Thor 4: You need to know Leaks and Rumor that Confirms for Phase 4


    No doubt Thor has been the most powerful and most loved character in the Marvel cinematic universe. Chris Hemsworth,  who has been playing the role of Thor since the fans have too much loved 2011 as Thor. So after Ragnarok will there be another sequel on its way?

    Now, as Avengers Endgame is over, people are excited to see other solo movies of their beloved characters. Well, we all have got some clue about some of the upcoming Marvel solo movies such as the upcoming Spiderman, Black Panther 2 and also the Doctor Strange 2. But what about Thor? Who has gained too much fame after the Thor Ragnarok?

    Thor 4: You need to know Leaks and Rumor that Confirms for the Phase 4
    Avengers concept art: Thor | by marvelousRoland

    Thor whose first solo movie was released in 2011 and the second part Thor: the dark world was published in the year 2013. Despite being spent a lot of money these two movies didn’t come up with good results at the box office. The viewers complained that the films were too much predictable and unimaginary.

    But then the Thor Ragnarok hit the screens a few years later. This movie was a blast and earned a whopping $900 million worldwide in the box office. It certainly became one of the most successful films by the MCU of all time.

    Chris is a popular name in the industry, now can drag a huge number of viewers to the halls. So there is barely anything on the way of Thor 4  if made. Even Chris is happy working ahead for the marvel if given a chance. Also though his contract with the Marvel is over he doesn’t mind working further for the Marvel.  “ playing  Thor has been one of the best experiences I have ever had,” says Chris.

    Thor 4: You need to know Leaks and Rumor that Confirms for the Phase 4

    Well if rumors are believed, then Thor 4 is being currently discusses by the Marvel team, and there has been some confirmation from the Tessa Thompon whom we all know as the Valkyrie in Ragnarok.

    She says, “I heard that a pitch has happened and I don’t know how real that Intel is, but I heard that the pitch has happened.” She even says that Taika Waititi, the director of Ragnarok may again come into action for the upcoming movie. However, Marvel has not revealed anything, the future will only tell us how actual these facts are.