Thor or no thor in Guardians of Galaxy Vol.3 read to find out


    Well, we all are well versed with both the sequels of Guardians of Galaxy. After all of us have recently been out of the Avengers Endgame crazes which had a lot of relations with this movie sequel. If you haven’t watched any of these movies, then I am sorry to tell you that you missed a classic superhero movie franchise.

    A brief introduction
    Still, for a brief knowledge, let’s discuss the movie. So Guardians of Galaxy is a superhero movie with a team of gods of the universe. They are out on a drive across the galaxy where they fight to eradicate any trouble creators on any planets. Also in the second sequel of the movie, there is Gamora and Nebula who fight evils in the galaxy and take over the problematic planets to help their father, Thanos to accomplish his goal of ruling over the whole of the universe.

    Thor the God of thunder
    As mentioned if you are a fan of the Marvel franchise you will know about Thor player my Chris Hemsworth. Thor is one of the most favorite characters of all time. To coming to guardians of the galaxy, we see both guardians characters and Thor together in Avengers movie like Infinity war and Endgame. Their chemistry especially stars lord and thor.

    Now coming onto the news, There has always been a rumor of Thor being a part of Guardians of Galaxy volume3 or not. But recently the story has been confirmed by our very own Drax that Thor will be a part of volume 3. He added that Chris has always been a great co-actor to work with, and having him again in the set will always be a delight. And moreover, the return of Gunn has filled a level of excitement. Hopefully, soon the makers will make some confirmation on it.