Thor Vs Adam Warlock, The Greatest MCU Fight Ever Guardians of The Galaxy 3


    It’s been two years since Guardians of the Galaxy 2, teasing Adam Warlock for an appearance in Volume 3, released. And while Volume 3 has been delayed to 2021, we have all the latest updates on the intense Thor vs. Adam Warlock fight fans expecting!

    How Does It All Begin?

    Adam warlock to be an integral part of Guardians of Galaxy 3, James Gunn says
    Pic- Marvel Comic

    Marvel comics readers have been expecting Adam Warlock to show up on the scene for pretty long. And now, it looks like James Gunn is finally bringing it on. The battle is expected to be totally pulse-racing, although many think that Thor will be majorly outmatched against the most powerful warlock ever. He can always look for more backup, though. Speaking of which—

    How Will This Unfold?

    It’s probably a good thing Thor has Quill and his team on his side now. Avengers Endgame ends with them searching for Gamora on their ship, which probably means that Guardians of The Galaxy 3 will begin with a hunt for the Gamora from the past. Of course, we could be looking at some Quill- Gamora romance before the big war; he does love her even if she’s from the past and has never met him.

    Quill searching for Gamora at the end of Avengers Endgame

    The Fight

    Most of us fans think that the MCU’s guardians aren’t powerful enough to fight Adam Warlock right now. Quill’s celestial powers disappeared in Vol. 2 when he killed his father and Thor has been playing PS4 for five years, so it’s safe to say that he needs some getting into shape. Moreover, in the comics Adam can manipulate energy and matter, teleport, travel faster than light and even control quantum energy (so no quantum solution will work here). If he’s really after the Guardians of the Galaxy, who knows what’s going to happen?

    But while we’re waiting for Marvel to come up with an original storyline to defeat Adam Warlock and the hands of Thor and his posse, stay tuned, for we bring you all the latest news on your favorite characters!