Tired of Waiting for WHAT IF Season 2? Here’s is Something New about it.


    Season 1 of “What If” aired this year and made fans obsessed over the show. Netflix announced some details related to season 2, and here is everything you need to know. The series is based on Caroline Kepnes’ book of the same name, and we see the same characters from the novel.


    Image Credit: Netflix

    The show follows a bookkeeper Joe which gets obsessed with an aspiring young writer Becky. Joe began stalking her, but it ends up with joe murdering Becky. But it gets bigger when Joes ex-girlfriend shows up and confronts joe that they have unfinished business. The co-creator of show Sera Gamble says that the show is made to be extremely binge-able.

    The season 2 trailer has not been released yet, but following the Netflix, trends trailer will release within weeks to a month of the first episode release. Gamble told that moving show to Netflix wouldn’t change the series, but they do have some’wiggle creativity’ when it comes to episode length.

    The second season will follow Caroline’s second novel, Hidden Bodies but won’t strictly follow the plot. The ending of season 1 opens the door for season 2 for new plot and new characters. As season 1 ended with a cliffhanger, it is safe to say Joe’s and Candance reunion wasn’t a good one.


    Badgley will return as Joe, and we will see scenes with Candance. John Stamos is still not confirmed to appear as he was framed for Becky’s murder. Sera Gamble says that the doctor is fighting very hard to prove his innocence.

    It is for sure that season 2 will maintain its dramatic soap opera-esque tone that makes the show appealing. What If season 2 will for sure hit the fans hard and the shows seem to have everything follow up in line which what fans expect.