Everything you need to know about the “Titans” Season 2


    “To be able to get a season two greenlit now means we get to keep talking about crazy ideas. We already know the story.” Said Geoff Johns, the executive producer of New York Comic-con. The Titans will return for a new season.

    The full complement of heroes and villains from Titans Season 1 are expected to return in Season 2 of Titans. It’s significantly clear that season 2 will start with a larger team and the team will eventually grow from there.

    It was a holiday treat for the Titan fans to enjoy season 1 as the second season was confirmed wat before the shoot of the first season.

    Everything you need to know about the "Titans" Season 2

    In Season 1 finale, the confrontation ends with Dick when he murders his former mentor. Without doubt, all these are mind games by Trigon. But Dick comes under the supernatural being’s controls as soon he embraces the darkness within. Titans season 2 would prefer to pick up directly after this moment, with Raven and her pals helping Dick to snap out of it.

    The dramatic finale of Titans season 1 leaf the fans anxious and in suspense. The trailer isn’t enough to suppress the fire of excitement for Titans season 2 that is going to air in 2019 end.