Titans Season 2; Dawn reveals the new character, Chelsea joins cast


    DC Universe treasured storyline based on the teenager kids finally took the live action series after years of planning back in 2018. The first episode of the Season One of Titans premiered on 12 October 2018 that concluded on December 21 comprising 10 episodes that had a number of great DC’s heroes and villains.

    Ahead of Season 1 premiere at New York Comic Con, Geoff Johns the Titans executive producer claimed that Season 2 is a go. Not only the confirmation of season 2 being into development, they even announced that they have already outlined the story for the second season. Previously the first season was planned for 12 episodes but they later moved the twelfth episode for the premiere of Second Season.


    The Dove from the Titans has something to give for the fans. Minka Kelly who portrays Dove in the series hinted us with a filming location of the season 2 of the Titans. While the actor involved in the series are constantly updating us with BTS of the scenes, Minka too lined up to do so.

    Minka on her Instagram story shared a video of football ground captioning the Behind the scenes of #Titans. This could possibly hint us something, the introduction of Cyborg. You might be in dilemma but the fact is Cyborg was a great part of Teen Titans in comics and he was the Junior School Football Athlete when he was still a Victor Stone, before accident thing that turned him to a cyber-genetic superhero.

    Chelsea Zhang as Ravager

    Chelsea T. Zhang has been cast as the Ravager or the Rose Wilson for the second season. Ravager is from the Wilson family and the daughter of an assassin and hitman Death Stroke who works for the highest bidder. Zhang has previously played Brittany in Disney’s Andi Mack.

    Titans Season 2 is expected to release in Fall 2019.