Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Craze is Decreasing? Fans Baffled Up but Why?


    Imagine the disappointment fans of Rainbow Six felt when Alexandre Remy slammed hopes for a single-player mode of the game, saying, “The single-player solo experience is dead.”

    Why They’re Sticking with Multiplayer Gameplay

    The Rainbow Six franchise is one of Ubisoft’s most successful products in the gaming market. Alexandre Remy and Ubisoft said, in no uncertain terms, that the unique selling point of their products is their ability to bring players together on a virtual scape. Similar to the insanely famous mobile game PUBG, players of Rainbow Six must battle each other off. This quality of being an e-sport sets it apart from but does not necessarily make it superior to, single-player tactical shooter games such as Call of Duty and Project IGI.

    Remy gave a cryptic justification of his decision to not release a single-player game. He said, “When you are building a basketball stadium, are you also opening a football activity within that basketball stadium?” Let’s attempt to deconstruct and puzzle this out. I think he means he believes in focusing on one single product that has quality and market scope rather than several mediocre versions of a product that will fill shelves and stay on them.


    What Could Quarantine be About?

    So, let’s talk about the game. It’s called Quarantine. This suggests that the player will be in a zone ridden with contagion (of what kind, I cannot ascertain). He will have to either protect infected, helpless persons or fight them off if they mutate. This would render it a second cousin of the Resident Evil film franchise. Promotional posters for Quarantine are intense. They show members of Rainbow Six in protective suits and masks casting steely glares with seemingly insect-like eyes at their beholders.

    The quarantine will release sometime in 2020 for PC, Xbox 1 and PlayStation 4.