Tom Holland is Still Dating Zendaya, Moments with Zendaya’s Mom Say Something Else.


    Tom Holland is a beloved internet crush, and all equally love Zendaya. Recently Tom Denied about all the Rumours but there is something fishy as the Photo with Zendaya’s Mom say something else. Both the stars have been co-actors in Spiderman movie and have a lot of contracts together. Tom and Zendaya have denied that they are not dating and are just mutual friends. But is there more to the picture than they say.

    Zendaya and Tom Holland

    Is There Nothing Between the two?

    There is nothing more important to the fans than when the two loved actors start dating. Even before Spiderman Homecoming was going to release, fans could see that they had a lot of chemistry. Zendaya and Tom have previously denied in being romantically involved, but that has not stopped the rumor from churning.

    Zendaya and Tom Holland

    Tom Holland says, ” I am a relationship person but not a fleeting type at all.” Zendaya has an opposite stand toward this. She says that she is so anti being for a committed relationship at a young age, as people are learning and growing at this age, therefore they can make some bad decisions sometimes because they are young and it’s a possibility.

    Tom Admires Zendaya A LOT

    Though Zendaya and Tom have been spending time promoting the film on the red carpet. The actors sure spend their time together too. Tom has shared pics of spending time together with Zendaya on her house and in the pool also. Tom once tagged Zendaya in a post with her name near the crotch area. It made the fans think if it was a sublime message. Zendaya saw the tweet and retweeted saying,” he is an Instagram idiot.”


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    Tom was also “gobsmacked” by her performance in The Greatest Showman. While Tom addressed that he and Zendaya are not romantically involved, he did not send their friendship and his admiration for her, but the Photos with her mom Say something else.

    Zendaya and Tom are seen having those childish bickering, which makes them a cute couple.