Tom Holland might announce his relationship with co star Zendaya very Soon


    Tom Holland, in his recent interview, revealed his relationship status and talked more about him and Zendaya.

    There have been a lot of rumors about Zendaya Coleman and Tom Holland. They surfaced when they first became friends in 2017 during the production of “Spiderman: Homecoming.”

    And after that, they were seen together many times at different places, which eventually lead to the rise of a variety of rumors over the internet. But there have only been a lot of rumors, and the stars have confirmed nothing. People talked about them being on vacations at several destinations together and spending most of their time with each other.

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    But Zendaya and Tom have always referred to themselves as “good friends” or “best friends.”

    The fans guess that they might be secretly dating. Also, the fans have created this crazy obsession what they call as “Tomdaya.” Fans are waiting for a confirmation from the two about them being officially in a relationship. But even if the two of them are in a secret relationship, it is evident that they want to keep it private.

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    Tom Holland’s take on dating and Zendaya:

    However, in a recent interview with Elle, Tom said that he is not involved with anyone at the moment, but he referred to himself as “definitely a relationship person.” “I’m not the fleeting type at all; it’s not my way of life,” he added. But it was not convincing enough for the people. Tom also mentioned that Zendaya invited him at the sets of one of her movie “The greatest showman,” where she jumped from over a height of 60 feet while filming a trapeze scene.

    Before this, there has been a long history of social media bothering the lives of Tom and Zendaya. Whenever they post anything about each other, but they always support each other and dodged all the rumors to date.