“Too old to die young” is out now. Is the web series worth watching??


    The much-awaited crime web show:”TOO OLD TO DIE YOUNG” premiered on 14 June. The Nicolas and Ed Brubaker written series include 10 episodes in its first season. First two episodes of the show premiered directly on the big screen at Cannes.

    Makers left no stone unturned and are going all over promoting ” TOO OLD TO DIE YOUNG”. They believe that in this digital era their story will reach hundreds of people and will impact their lives. But the major question arises here is whether the show is worth watching ???

    Sadly the series could not stand out. Even critics quite disliked the plot, acting and execution. They are of the opinion that the show is less on the entertainment side and focuses more on topics like sexual violence which makes is uncomfortable for the viewers. Moreover there is no humor or black comedy making it extremely boring for the audience.

    Also the episodes are exceptionally long ranging approximately upto 75 minutes. Apparently makers have made serialized movie instead of television series. While makers are extremely confident of the show but are still awaiting audience response.

    Miles Teller and William Baldwin starring series lacks some fun element. The scenes are rather blank, silent and horrible.The lead character played by Miles Teller is a detective turned serial killer carrying out brutal revenge killings in Los Angeles. They could have generated more context to the character. The character’s relationships and his actions are very unclear leaving the audience absolutely clueless.

    Miles Teller is a gifted actor but makers have failed to do justice to his acting capability. The series is not bad at all but definitely could have been better in terms of execution. Watch it on Amazon and do comment below your views regarding the web show.

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