Top Gun 2: Has Tom Cruise and Miles Teller Stopped Shooting for Sequel


    Actor Tom Cruise and Miles Teller were seen wearing flight suits which could only mean one thing, and it’s time for Top Gun 2. Top Gun was released in 1986 and has been Tom Cruises beloved film. Here is everything you need to know about Top Gun 2.

    Title And Casting

    Tom cruise has indicated that the title of the movie will be Top Gun: Maverick. However, since the title is not final, it could still be changed. We have our faith in Cruise. Unfortunately, since the director of the first film passed away. Top Gun 2 will be directed by Joseph Kosinski who has worked with Tom previously on Oblivion.

    The cast which is confirmed is Tom Cruise as LT Pete Maverick Mitchell, Miles as a pilot trainee Bradley Bradshaw, the son of Maverick’s late partner Nick “Goose” Bradshaw, Val Kilmer as Tom Iceman Kazansky. It would be fun to watch Mav and Ice charismatic duo. The new addition to the cast is Jon Hamm and Ed Harris. Jennifer Connelly will be a bar owner near the naval base with Charles Parnell, Jay Ellis, Bashir Salahuddin also afloat.

    The movie is set to release in 2020, and by the time it will come out it would have been 34 yrs since the first one. The first movie held the audience captive for this many years as it is still crazy about the second part coming out. The movie never left the fans heart.

    Tom Cruise has always embarked his films with the action stunts which he completes himself. Tom has indicated that he is learning to fly jets so he could be in the cockpit for some scenes. Sounds implausible, but that is how Tom plays.