Toy Story 4: Tom Hanks’ Emotional Departure From The Franchise, New Cast Additions


    The wait for the fourth installment of the Toy Story franchise has finally come to an end. The last movie in series, Toy Story 4. The movie had an early, private screening in the US on Tuesday night that gathered positive reactions from raving critics.

    The critics declared the film to be the most emotional one out of the lot. It is jam-packed with characters, new and old, who are dead-set on reviving childhood nostalgia amongst the audiences.

    Toy Story 4


    The plot of Toy Story 4 picks up a few years later after the events of Toy Story 3 when Andy passed on his toy collection to Bonnie. Bonnie has created a new toy called Forky from the arts and crafts she’s been doing.

    Immediately upon becoming sentient, Forky falls into deep existential despair as he tries to come to terms with the fact that he’s just a toy. Due to this, he escapes Bonnie’s house, which leads to Woody heading out to save him. Woody encounters his estranged, old friend Bo Peep, who shows him what the life of a toy is actually like in the world.

    Toy Story


    Along with the original cast of Toy Story 4, a new list of actors voice the new characters. Keanu Reeves sounds Canada’s Greatest Stuntman, Duke Caboom. Whereas, Christina Hendricks voices Gabby Gabby and Tony Hale playing the ever existentialist Forky.

    Tim Allen returns as the voice of Buzz Lightyear. John Ratzenberger reprises his role as Hamm and Wallace Shawn plays the lovable Rex. Annie Potts portrays Bo Peep and Joan Cusack as cowgirl Jessie.

    The old gang is back in action. The group was not shy to say that filming the last parts of the movie was emotionally overwhelming for all of them.

    Tom Hanks, the voice actor for Woody, admitted how emotional it was to record the ending lines for Toy Story 4.

    ‘When it came to pass, I felt as though I was on the other side of the river waving to everybody I had left back in the old country. It was pretty profound.’ said Hanks in an interview.

    Toy Story 4 will release on Friday 21 June. The film will play in cinemas in both 2D and 3D formats.