Tulsi Gabbard surprisingly won the first democratic debate.


    As expected of the debate, where ten candidates participated, and all were trying to vouch for their views and points over others, it was chaotic and uncontrollable at times. But who did people find the victor of the debate?

    DRUDGE REPORTTulsi Gabbard, the Iraq war veteran who served in the Hawaii Army National Guard and was also deployed to Kuwait from 2008-2009, was the victor of the first democratic debate according to an instant poll done by the Drudge Report political website. It clearly shows that people believed Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii was the overwhelming victor of the first Democratic presidential debate, polling at almost 44% with 37,718 votes. The margin of votes of the person coming second to her was huge. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who was polling at just under 12% with 10,144 votes was determined second by the polls.

    Tulsi Gabbard also won the Washington Examiner poll in the similar fashion.She also topped polls of includingnj.com . Gabbard had a slow start in debate when asked about topics like equal pay. But she blossomed during the discussion of foreign policies and dealing with Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan about pulling out of Afghanistan.

    The two polls indicate that how great a impact Tulsi Gabbard had on the debate, especially her thoughts regarding the foreign policy and pulling out from Afghanistan helped her stand atop other candidates.

    Gabbard has been in news for several reasons in past.  She met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad two years ago, and her decision to resign from the Democratic National Convention to support Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in 2016, upsetting mainstream Democrats at the time. Let’s not forget her being in the news for a peculiar strand of silver hairs on her head.

    All considered, none would have thought coming into the debate that Tulsi would emerge victorious but she did. Surprising victory indeed.