Umbrella Academy season 2: Everything You Need To Know


    Umbrella Academy is all set to have its second season out soon. And yes, you have read it right! Although this might not come out as a huge surprise seeing how season 1 was way too popular for its good, it’s still an exciting wait for most of us.

    Netflix did not change its style seeing how it announced the decision of having the series renewed for a season 2 right after a month of the season 1 premiere.

    When is the release of Umbrella Academy Season 2?

    Though we can raise our hopes for the season 2 release, it’s still a little too early to feel excited. In spite of the fact that there will be a season 2 is pretty guaranteed already, the truth about when it will be released is still a mystery.

    But looking at the season 1 complete timeline from the date of announcement to the time of release including all the production timelines, we can have a pretty good guess. Hence in that manner, season 2 will most likely be released in the mid-2020.

    Umbrella Academy Season 2

    What’s the plot of Season 2?

    Even though the makers remain tightlipped about most of the plot details, so far we do have some leads. Based on how the season 1 ended in that epic cliffhanger of the Hargreaves kids going back in time, there are two major story threads we can expect from season 2.

    One is the obvious possibilities of expanding the plot starting from them going back in time, possibly to their younger selves. Ben, who is previously assumed to be dead, might not be so anymore seeing how they will revert to being kids.
    The other would be the story of how the Five will get along with time organization to save their sister Vanya from going all evil, which will eventually help in keeping the world somehow.

    Beyond these two story points, the plot could be anything possibly depending on precisely to what time they have jumped to, which remains a mystery.
    However, what’s the point of our wait if the plot wouldn’t be a little mystery?