Unfortunately Lost In Space Season 2 might be Delayed to 2020, Expected Release Date, Plot & Cast


    Officially confirmed series Lost In Space 2 is about to reach our screens soon. This Netflix series has not been announced yet, but here is what we do know about it.

    Expected Release Date of Lost In Space Season 2

    In May 2018 it was confirmed by Netflix that there would be a season 2 of this family sci-fi series. Though the date hasn’t been announced, we can take a guess by looking at the number of details that go behind. Season 2 won’t be out anytime before the end of 2019. It can even take a long time, and we might have to wait until early 2020.

    The Plot

    The show is about a family who has been sent to space for a mission. Robinson family’s journey isn’t that smooth. An alien robot interferes which causes their ship to get into a wormhole. Now they are lost and way away from their path. This forces them to evacuate the ship. The story further continues.

    Robot Galaxy

    Robots were everywhere; robots will be everywhere. We won’t get rid of them any time soon. Yes, the new season will be having robots: good and evil. Most probably we will get to know more about them-their history, their relation to humans, why they want to harm humans and much more. It is going to be explicitly impeccable.

    The trailer will be out very soon. Looking at the popularity of the show, the fans are impatient and expect to see what’s next in the story. They have to wait until Netflix releases the trailer and announces the dates. Will Robinson family reach the destination? Will they be able to survive outside the spaceship? Will there be more harmful robots to fight? To know more, stay tuned.