V.C. Chickering’s New Novel Explores What Happens When Cousins Kiss


    After the success of her first novel, Nookietown, V.C. Chickering is back with her sophomore novel titled, Twisted Family Values which will debut later this month, with a reading scheduled at Words Bookstore in Maplewood on June 21.


    Tori O’Connell, better known with her pen name, V.C. Chickering has written for MTV, Comedy Central, Lifetime and Oxygen. She also has numerous literary outlets including the Washington Post and Cosmopolitan. Tori will be performing with her band Tori Erstwhile and the Montys on the evening of her event.


    The book, is a tale that spans over generations about taboo love and how a conservative, socialite family, handles murky situations, the story set in 1977 in a fictitious small town called, Larkspur, New Jersey, where two sisters live, the eldest, Claire, who is a beautiful, yet vain person and her daughter Elizabeth, also known as “Bizzy”. Claire’s younger sister is a relatable, sweet sister called Cat who has a son named Charlie, lovingly known as Choo.

    The first cousins are the main focus of the novel; they are closer than their siblings, inventing their language by speaking backward to engaging in discreet experiments with each other. Chickering described the plot as “It’s an unpredictable, four generation, a dysfunctional family saga about small-town privilege, social expectations, and the fine line between innocence and desire. “


    Lucy Sykes, the co-author of The Knockoff, commented Twisted Family Values is a deliciously salacious 50-year unraveling of family expectation and secrets with dysfunction, wit, and a taboo love that simply won’t let go and perhaps shouldn’t. Chickering writes with her characteristic wit and insight that others dare not tread. Perfect beach read!”


    Twisted Family Values comes out June 25th, 2019 and can be preordered on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, IndieBound, Booksamillion, iBooks, Kobo, or Google Play.