Vanessa Hudgens confirms her ‘Catwoman’ rumors says, “Make this happen”


    As per the reports says Robert Pattinson is going to play the role of Caped Crusader in the next Batman movie. Just after this, another rumour starts to pick up the steam that Vanessa Hudgens is also going to join Batman movie as playing the villain role Catwoman

    Just after the steaming of the rumors, it didn’t take a long for the fans to start imagining Vanessa as the role of Catwoman. Vanessa herself recently responded to the rumours by posting some of the fans made art in her story and also posted a childhood picture of her wearing a Catwoman dress captioning it with “Okay. Who do I need to talk to make this happen lol #dreamrole” and showed her desire to play the role of the villain cat woman.


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    Throwback to this shoot I did for v mag. Living for this 80s vibeee. Making me wanna go to a disco lol???

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     A lot of firing rumors are swirling around over whole social media and the entire internet as Robert Pattinson playing the lead role of Batman Nickolas Hoult from X-men and
    Armie Hammer is also in the race for the role of Batman. The rumors that Theo Rossi as Bane is even steaming up and the rumors of Vanessa as Catwoman are also there over the internet, but still, Warner Bros haven’t confirmed any of these rumours. But even fans are loving the new cast of Batman, and some of the cast are facing criticism

    Vanessa Hudgens confirms her 'Catwoman' rumors says, "Make this happen"

    Vanessa Anne Hudgens, an America based actress, and singer. Who came into the limelight just after making her debut in the high school musical film series as portraying the role of Gabriella Montez. Vanessa is selected for representing the role of Catwoman according to the rumors, and every fan of MCU is excited to see her in the role of Catwoman and appreciating her for the role. Vanessa is also excited to play the historical comic book villain Catwoman’s role in the next Batman movie. She steamed the rumors by posting some of the fans made art and an old cute picture of her wearing a Catwoman costume

    Vanessa is herself excited to see herself in a tight leather suit and fighting with the one of the best self-made superhero Batman.