Vanity Fair releases ‘Little Women’ first look, fans freak out!


    The upcoming film adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s hit novel ‘Little Women’ has been the talk for quite some time. The first look of the much-awaited movie was out a while ago.

    The fans are going crazy in excitement for the main release of the official premiere. Ever since the film was announced to take place, our anticipation wasn’t fed that often seeing how the news on the film is scarce.

    However, Vanity Fair has shown mercy on us deciding to release the first look of the movie. Just with a few stills from behind the sets, it took us back to the 1800s of England.

    Vanity Fair releases 'Little Women' first look
    One still features the iconic March sisters on the beach shore in historic outfits. It features Florence Pug as Amy March, Emma Watson as Meg March, Saoirse Ronan as Jo March, and Eliza Scanlan as Beth March. Timothée Chalamet as Theodore “Laurie” Laurence, who is the neighbor of the March family is also introduced through another released stills from the sets.

    Greta Gerwig exhibits her absolute determination for the success of the film by taking special care in the output of the shoots. She finds explicitly locations that are very much related to the ones in the novel to get more convincing scenes.

    She reportedly shot many scenes at Massachusetts, which is where most of the book has been set. She even has an intense search for the book locations where the family had lived before she chose her film locations.

    Vanity Fair releases 'Little Women' first look
    Little Women focuses on the lives of the March sisters from the 1860s. A little different from the book, the film adaptation is said to focus more on the young lives of the sister back when they leave home for the first time. Though the film jumps from depicting the past and the present, it solely commits to themes more than it does to the narrative.

    The reunion of Gerwig and Ronan makes this film even more special as their previous mash-up has led to an Oscar-winning work ‘Ladybird.’

    December 25 this year will see the release of this epic movie remake.