Victoria Secret’s Model ‘Bella Hadid’ is Marring ‘Weekend’?, Latest Rumors and Gossips


    Bella Hadid, a Victoria Secret’s model is dating the weekend. Bella Hadid is going to be cast in the chapter 6 album by the weekend.

    Bella Hadid was voted for the model of the year in 2016. She is the sister of Gigi Hadid who is also the Victoria Secret’s model. They both were last seen together in Florence while shopping.

    Victoria Secret's Model 'Bella Hadid' is Marring 'Weekend'?, Latest Rumors and Gossips

    Though it’s been only one year while Bella Hadid and the weekend started dating again. And the rumors are coming from various sources that Bella is going to get casted in the album chapter 6 by the weekend.

    The weekend and Bella Hadid got separated long ago. As the weekend started dating Selena Gomez and got breakup with her. As she went into a relationship with Justin Bieber. And gossip is coming that she might have cheated on the weekend.

    After that weekend realized that no one can love him more than Bella Hadid. So he composed and released a song Wasted Times. In this song, he is asking Bella that can she come back and love him again as he wasted his time on a wrong girl. Though this song tells this very indirectly and the public is only assuming this story.

    Victoria Secret's Model 'Bella Hadid' is Marring 'Weekend'?, Latest Rumors and Gossips

    After that Bella Hadid came back to the weekend. And this happy couple is together for the past year. They both have restarted their relationship and now living happily. And now the rumors are coming that Bella Hadid might get casted in chapter 6 album with the weekend.

    And also the information had come that if this happens this song will become trending. As every fan is waiting for this to happen.