Wait What? Arrow has Finally Ended and is Coming up with their Last Season?


    CW show Arrow has been renewed for another and its final season. So what is new in Arrow season 8, a lot is here to cover. One thing’s which is sure is more gruesome killing and an excellent plot to keep the shows final season EPIC! Arrow season 8 will premiere on 15th October 2019.


    Green Arrow, aka Oliver’s journey, is season 7 was an avid one. The season started with Oliver in prison, which wasn’t very hard for our hero if you exclude all the fights in prison. Oliver strikes a plea to the court, but his freedom comes at a hefty price. In the middle of the season, Oliver finds his sentence commuted.

    Some details about season 8 are revealed as they are details to talk about. It is said that the aftermath of crossover on infinite earth will have an effect on Aroowverse, which will sake the season to its core. We all are aware that these multi-universe things are sure to claim a life. And since this is the last season of Arrow things could not be looking good for Oliver.

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    One thing for sure is that Emilly Bett Rickard will not return. As for any new members, we will have to wait and see.


    Season 8 will happen just after the crossover and as many suggest it will the end of Green Arrow. It is said that Oliver will die as a hero in these events. The season 8 is of 10 episodes which are relatively short in comparison of any previous season. The death of Oliver will take place during the ninth episode, which leaves one episode to tie up all the loose ends of the story.

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    Either way, we can say that things are looking bad for Oliver Queen and his allies are sure to share the same fate even before Arrowverse comes in question.