Was USA’s Cyber Attack On Iran Successful? Iran Denies Any Attack. Know the Full Story


    On Thursday, the USA launched a cyber attack on Irani weapon systems and did an air strike that was later on confirmed by president Trump. The air strike harmed computer system controlling rocket and missile launchers.

    USA's Cyber Attack On Iran That Is Denied By Iran

    Reason for the Cyber Attack by the USA on Iran. 

    According to the New York Times, this cyber-attack was the retaliation against Iran as they shot down US drone as well as attacked on oil tankers of US. The USA has blamed Iran for this intentional attack and said Iran is only responsible for this attack.

    Nobody has granted Iran hunting license in the Middle East, said by the officials of PMO.

    USA's Cyber Attack On Iran That Is Denied By Iran

    The relationship between Iran and USA filled in 2015 due to terrorist attacks by Iran on the USA. The tension between Iran and the USA increased day by day, and now this has become a critical situation for the whole world.

    Measures Taken By Us On Iran After The Drone Attack. 

    This is the same situation as the Pulwama attack in India that was the terrorist attack on the Indian CRPF bus. Pakistan was the only responsible for this major attacks in India. India retaliated and took legal actions against Pakistan followed by an air strike on Pakistan. President Modi took serious actions against Pakistan on this issue.

    We can assume America is inspired by Modi’s strategy. And therefore America impost some legal sanctions against Iran followed by the airstrike on Iran. Iran got warnings of War by the USA, and they didn’t take it seriously, and now they are retaliated by the cyber attack.

    Response Of Iran On The Cyber Attack

    No successful attack is carried out by the USA on us. Though they are trying their level best, said by the Iran telecommunication officer.

    USA's Cyber Attack On Iran That Is Denied By Iran

    With this statement, Iran has denied the cyber attack.  Mohammed Javed Azari Joharami made this statement. This is the same incident as Pakistan denied on the air strike.

    We never accept our flaws 

    This quote is perfect for both situations. Both the country USA and India are fighting with terrorism, and both the countries Pakistan and Iran are supporting terrorism by giving them shelter in their home. We hope that this world gets rid of terrorism soon.