Welcome Home Beth Chapman – Wife of Bounty Hunter battles Health issues


    Good news for everyone. Beth Chapman wife of Duane Chapman or popularly known as “Dog the Bounty Hunter” comes back home after she was hospitalized on Saturday. Sources confirm that the Dog the Bounty Hunter show underwent an emergency procedure, but now she is resting at her residence.

    What Happened to Her

    Beth was suffering from serious breathing problems. She had to be admitted to the hospital because of an accumulation of fluid in her lungs. Doctors had to perform an emergency process to get her back to her normal state.

    The Fighter

    Beth Chapman has been dealing with throat cancer. The 51-year-old reality star started having her chemotherapy since last December and has been battling with this disease since then.

    Though the treatments were going well, it certainly affected her health. However, Beth is one strong and tough woman who never gives up easily. She had her hopes high, and her positivity proved in her recovery.

    Support from Dog

    The dog is one such supportive husband and has been a wall of support to Beth through her thick and thin. With such a loving husband beside, Beth’s recovery chances got better. Dog confidently said t reporters who were is huge pain due to his wife’s health condition “Despite all of the obstacles I have overcome, this is by far the biggest test of my life and mark my words, I will not let her die.”

    CREDIT: ETonline

    They are surely a couple of goals.

    Cancer Alert

    Beth revealed about her stage II cancer in September 2017 and also declared that she was cancer free. However, cancer returned, leading to emergency surgery in November 2018. She was suffering from severe breathing problems, and a mass had to be removed from her throat.

    Inspiring Everyone

    Fans keep praying for health across the world. The couple could not have been more grateful them than ever before. Beth also has been a huge inspiration to her fans fighting bravely against all the odds. She keeps posting on selfies and continues to keep things positive with her fans. One of her fans commented- ” You’re such a great inspiration to many people…Love you, Beth, praying for you always”.

    Beth Chapman can surely be called Beth Champion.