Welcoming a new pet costs too much for Teen Mom 2 actress Jenelle Evans


    Recently, Jenelle has been into big controversies and a big backlash from her fans because of welcoming new animals after her dog’s death.

    Jenelle Evans is an American television actress popularly known for a reality show series Teen Mom 2 which was premiered on 11 January 2011, on MTV. The series revolves around the teen Moms and also focuses on continuously changing the relationship with family and friends.

    Jenelle Evans

    The Teen Mom 2 fans are totally aware of this chaotic drama going on in Evans life. Jenelle’s husband, David shot and killed the family’s dog which disappointed their fans way too much and this lead Jenelle’s children being taken away by Child Protective Services. The children are now with their family members. The fans are expressing their views on welcoming new animals, after this disturbing event.

    On June 12, there was a post uploaded by the Evans, saying.. “Y’all..our first baby chick our hen hatched! And we’ve put rest in the incubator and woke up to two more baby chicks and one is hatching as we speak”.She is holding a chick in a photo she shared immediately.

    After the photo was posted, the fans immediately took the charge of commenting and disgracing the post. There aren’t happy about this new welcome. They think it’s pretty weird for Evans to be continuing her life without her kids. One fan commented “Hopefully the CPS(Child Protective Services) takes them away from her too. The second said “only if she took this much interest in her kids and take good care of them”
    The fans have many questions saying, is it really so normal? When the kids are taken away from you?  This isn’t the first time the fans are being negative after the death of their dog Nugget. Due to all these disturbing event’s, the show has been losing a lot of sponsors and they’re breaking ties with the MTV star. This has also led her into facing some new financial problems according to the sources.

    Now let’s just stay tuned to know what will happen the next with Jenelle’s controversial life.