Westworld releases new trailer for its fourth season and fans are excited


    Westworld has released a teaser trailer to confirm the release of its third season in 2020. The trailer confirmed reports by Collider of a season 3 release after a 2 year gap. HBO hopes for an early summer or spring release date. The last season of Westworld aired in 2018.

    Credits: YouTube

    From the looks of the trailer, it appears that Evan Rachael Wood would come back for season 3. However, the actress might be portraying a different character this time around.

    Credits: TVLine

    The trailer also confirmed the return of Aaron Paul in Westworld’s third season. Aaron plays a maintenance worker in the morning and a criminal by night. He was the central focus in Westworld’s trailer, so Paul might have a big role to play.

    There have also been reports that new actors are expected to join in Westworld’s season 3. As per reports from Deadline, Vincent Cassel might be a new arrival in season 3. It is reported that Cassel might be the show’s antagonist for the third season. It is unclear if Cassel would be the principal antagonist or if the show might have other villains. There has been no confirmation from HBO regarding this.

    The teaser trailer confirmed the appearance of Lena Waithe. While Paul has been confirmed as a regular in Westworld season 3, there have been no reports on Lena. Lena shall be assisting Paul in his criminal activities. So, it can be that we could be seeing more of Lena on the show.

    Kid Cudi and Marshawn Lynch are also slated to appear as the trailer confirms.
    Paul and Waithe shall have Lynch joining them on their robbery. Kid Cudi looks like he could provide Paul with valuable intel in Westworld. The rapper plays an inmate who appears to know Paul’s character on the show.

    Although, there has been no official confirmation but Westworld season 3 might have 10 episodes which are an hour long.