What can Keanu Reeves do in John Wick 4 to top previous John Wick movies


    Keanu Reeves fever from John Wick Chapter 3 is not yet over but we here to keep you updated on the John Wick plot for chapter 4. The story which had begun with a burglary at Wick’s residence portrayed by Reeves has been successful in capturing many hearts.

    The unique thing about this series is the use of anime type depiction done through gun fu techniques and professional fight choreographers. The picture was received with a positive response from both the audience and critics. Few went on to call it one of the best performances given by Reeves.

    It was followed by a sequel to the film in February 2017 with the same name ‘ John Wick Chapter 2’ doing yet again very well. It received the IMDb rating of 7.5 upon 10. The critiques approved the movies for its action sequences, direction, editing, visual style and the performances of the cast.

    The third sequel of the series was released recently in May 2019 which yet again proved the talent of Reeves. Social Media is flooded with the appreciation for Reeves and the movie itself. It is titled as ‘John Wick: Parabellum’. It has by far received 8 out of 10 IMDb rating which is recent and might fall down after a while.

    What can Keanu Reeves do in John Wick 4 to top previous John Wick movies

    What does John Wick Chapter 4 hold Keanu Reeves?

    It was a bit weird and fishy that the release date for Chapter 4 was announced just a few days after the third part was released. It really sounded like a prank but yes, what can we say about the credibility. Not that only, it was announced in a peculiar way through SMSs which of course sounds obsolete.

    There are no trailers released or any further confirmation about the Movie but we can predict some facts here. The cast: obviously, we can’t have a John Wick movie without Reeves. Being a crime thriller, the plot is going to be more or less revolving around Reeves and his mysteries. If one has watched Chapter 3, one can easily assume that the next part is going to revolve around the unanswered questions and the loopholes seen in prequels. There is a fair chance of Chapter 4 being the final movie of that series.